All of Us

Homeless children are in poor health twice as often as other children and twice as likely to                      experience hunger                      and four times as                      likely to have                     delayed development.

                        (Better Homes Fund 1999)

  41% of the homeless    population is    comprised of    families.


(National Alliance to End Homelessness)





Healing and Empowering


Healing and empowering is a very important part of our mission.  We believe that by healing the lives of families and teaching them about Jesus they will be able to start down the road to recovery and personal responsibility.  By empowering the families and giving them the knowledge and confidence to accomplish their goals we will break the cycle of dependency.  

Lives and People


Every family wants a safe place for their kids to grow up and a place they can call home.  It is our goal to help these families fulfill their dreams.  With support through counseling and job training we will help these families become self-supporting contributors to society.  By supporting the families today we will impact the children of tomorrow.  When children grow up in a stable home environment they will be more confident in themselves and have a better opportunity to succeed.

Healing and Empowering is an accredited 501c3 non-profit organization


Accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization